Automated Static Website Deployment on AWS

How to (automatically) serve JAM TL;DR: If you want to learn Terraform and AWS, keep reading, otherwise use netifly I know i’m a bit late to the party, but I’ve just discovered the new wave of static websites, and I think they’re JAMtastic. The JAM in the title is of course Javascript, API’s and Markup. And what better (not to mention cheaper) way to host your new website than with AWS!

Cisco ACI - Debugging Network Connectivity

We run Cisco ACI on a large-ish platform hosting Openstack VM’s and a number of external network connections. Recently we encountered an issue where one of our internal teams reported that they had stopped seeing data from a specific external network. The traffic had just mysteriously dropped off one day. Unfortunately for us, there was little documentation on how this link was configured, and everyone who had originally set up the environment was long gone.

Resizing LVM volumes to reallocate space between partitions

I recently installed Debian 9.x for the first time, and the guided installation involves some best practice volume management configuration. I blindly accepted these defaults, and 2 weeks later I had a full root disk, with plenty of space left in home. The automated install implicitly assumes the function or role the device will play. I can only assume this is the reason why it gave me such a paltry allocation for the root disk size in the first place, compared to the home directory.