Traffic Shaping Processes in Linux

I live in Australia, and while this is on the whole a lovely country, our internet sucks. Check out my awesome upload speed: Now while this does not cause me grief for the most part, I recently attempted to upload a large number of photos to Google Drive. And as soon as I set Google’s Backup and Sync App (in Windows) to run in the background - Me and everyone else in the house could no longer access the internet.

Openstack Neutron: L2 Networking In Depth

Openstack networking is often a wondrous, complex and perplexing beast to the uninitiated. This post is my attempt to dissect a portion of the Openstack networking stack to figure out how it works. There will be a bit of history, code, and theory - something for everyone. When you start to explore Openstack, you quickly realise that it is extremely flexible in the range of technologies and vendor specific physical equipment it supports - especially when it comes to networking.