Storage Gymnastics: Migrating Openstack Volumes (The Unconventional Way)

0. Background As part of my day job, I help to manage a large Openstack cluster with a large number of virtual instances running on physical infrastructure. Things often go wrong, and sometimes you have to get creative to solve them. Today, someone reported that a particular instance had failed catastrophically (due to a layer 8 malfunction), and could not be recovered. We decided it would be easier to rebuild a new instance rather than try and fix the instance (it was well and truly borked).

Resizing LVM volumes to reallocate space between partitions

I recently installed Debian 9.x for the first time, and the guided installation involves some best practice volume management configuration. I blindly accepted these defaults, and 2 weeks later I had a full root disk, with plenty of space left in home. The automated install implicitly assumes the function or role the device will play. I can only assume this is the reason why it gave me such a paltry allocation for the root disk size in the first place, compared to the home directory.